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At LA NET, we empower customers to accelerate their Microsoft Azure cloud adoption journey.  We help businesses address the challenges of efficiency, cost savings and security.

We do this with our in-house UK-based, highly certified, skilled technicians using the latest best practices and services.

LA NET has been building globally resilient and high-security environments since 2011. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that their cloud environments are designed, deployed and managed optimally and securely.

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How we can help you…

Cloud Strategy and Planning

We help customers with their Microsoft Azure cloud adoption strategy and planning to help maximise success.

Azure Infrastructure

Our customers benefit from the latest Azure features and services. We do this by providing a robust care infrastructure platform (Azure Landing Zones). We also review customer environments and provide a detailed gap analysis and remediation plan.

Managed Services

Our managed customers have the peace of mind of knowing that their environment is always up to date with the latest security patches and compliance policies for governance. Our customers trust us to provide honest and unbiased advice.

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