Evaluate, Enhance & Evolve

Security & Production Readiness

The security of your data and company information is the most important – and challenging issue – facing businesses. LA NET ensure that your cloud environment adheres to best practices and utilizes the best available services and tools to keep you and your customers’ data safe and secure.

We evaluate your existing cloud implementations and identify – and close – any gaps.

We are expert at risk assessment and proactively produce prioritized actions to mitigate any risks and improve your cloud security.

For any new projects, we help you ensure governance, security, maintenance, architectural and management standards are implemented before moving them into resilient production environments.


We assess your current cloud solutions, ensure they are secure, document existing gaps and target areas requiring improvement.


We implement essential solutions and recommend improvements with the goal of keeping your data safe and secure.


We adapt your cloud implementations to keep them current and future proof with continuous development.