Our solutions

Here at LA NET, we are experts in providing the right cloud solutions to enable you to build out your infrastructure at scale.

We are Microsoft Gold certified partners in the Azure Cloud Platform with deep knowledge and experience of using the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

You can trust our consultants to be with you every step of the way on your cloud journey – with total faith that we will always do the right thing for our customers.

In addition, a growing focus on the healthcare sector has ensured we have all the expertise required to ensure the security of confidential patient and health data in robust cloud environments.

Cloud adoption

Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework is proven guidance designed to create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for you to succeed in the cloud.

We utilize best practices, documentation and tools to successfully achieve short and long term objectives, giving you the confidence to build your business on solid foundations.

Cloud Readiness

In our experience, the key to a successful cloud migration is to be well prepared, building the foundations and landing zones in a Microsoft Azure environment to account for scale, security, governance, networking and identity.

LA NET is steeped in experience of ensuring your company’s business and technology is ready to leap into the cloud successfully.


We focus on all industry sectors, but are developing a growing focus on healthcare, with its unique requirements around the security and accessibility of confidential patient and medical data.

LA NET is happy to discuss how to manage and securely control your cloud infrastructure and environments in this challenging area.