Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use regulates the LA Net Managed Services from MICROSOFT AZURE MARKETPLACE.

Date of issue: 1st of August 2019

Version: 1


As a DEVELOPER you belong to your ORGANIZATION. There may be several DEVELOPERS within your ORGANIZATION that develop one or many SOLUTIONS with LANET within your own subscriptions in the MICROSOFT AZURE MARKETPLACE.

By accessing LANET Azure Market place solutions, all persons (you, your ORGANIZATION and your END-CUSTOMER and END-USERS) accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions in this AGREEMENT.
Use of any Microsoft Software Products within MICROSOFT AZURE MARKETPLACE shall be governed by Microsofts license terms.


The SOLUTION can be used by END-USERS in your ORGANIZATION (internally) to which you belong or in your CUSTOMER’S ORGANIZATION (externally). The SOLUTION may also be used by your CUSTOMER’S ORGANIZATION’S CUSTOMER in a B2B context.

The ORGANIZATION using the SOLUTION for their benefit is called END-CUSTOMER.
The END-CUSTOMER may have unlimited number of registered END-USERS in the LANET Solutions.
You or your ORGANIZATION is prohibited to charge the END-CUSTOMER for the reuse of LANET IP.
You or your ORGANIZATION may choose if the END-CUSTOMER should be entitled to change the developed SOLUTION by customizing any solutions provided. LANET Support will need to be made fully aware of any customizations made by providing LANET with detailed documentation.


You and your ORGANIZATION are required to establish your own AGREEMENTS with all END-CUSTOMERS (if they are a party other than your own ORGANIZATION) that governs the RESTRICTIONS that follow below.
You, your ORGANIZATION, END-CUSTOMER, END-USER or anyone else who comes into contact with LANET Limited may not copy any of the LANET Limited code, source code, tools, data files or stored procedures or anything belonging to LANET Limited to any Azure subscriptions or environments. This applies regardless of whether the SOLUTION is in DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT, STAGE ENVIRONMENT or PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.
No one may decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to derive source code from LANET Limited, in whole or in part.

The logo of LANET may not be removed or changed in any way in the SOLUTION.

END-CUSTOMERS and END-USERS should always request user support from the ORGANIZATION that have developed the SOLUTION. Support must be requested via email to the support@lanet.co.uk email address.
LANET is not responsible or held liable for errors or bugs of any kind in the Azure platform but will support the organization and work with Microsoft.


In case of a legal process should the case be judged according to UK law in a UK court.