At LA NET we have experience across several sectors.  We have specialist knowledge and a concentration of customers within Transport and Logistics as well as Healthcare. 

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See the links below to the relevant sectors for more information.

Cloud for Transport And Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Many of our customers run their transport and shipping / labelling software solutions on the Azure cloud platform.  We help to ensure maximum resilience, security and cost optimisation and more.


We have designed and built many Azure cloud platforms for private and NHS Trusts for the healthcare industry.  Talk to us to learn more about what we have done in this sector to ensure data security.  Read the healthcare page to learn more.


Azure for Healthcare
LA NET Azure Cloud

Cloud Adoption

We have experience in designing and building highly secure environments for government agencies, finance, healthcare and more.  This allows us to transfer that knowledge to any sector to ensure our customers benefit from secure best-practice Azure cloud deployments and management.