Cloud Adoption

LA NET is a Gold-certified Cloud Platform Microsoft partner with a solid understanding of designing and building cloud infrastructure at scale on the Azure platform. We follow the Cloud Adoption Framework for Microsoft Azure (CAF).  With our experience, we can help to ensure our customers can adopt the cloud quickly but safely, following best practices. 

Using the CAF framework and guidelines, we can take our customers through a structured and repeatable process to ensure that nothing is missed, and that current best practices are in place.  Through our managed service, we can adapt and update the environment to take advantage of changes in the platform and new best practice guidelines.


The Cloud Adoption Framework for Microsoft Azure Lifecycle

Strategy and Planning

It is crucial to understand the required business outcomes & motivations. This includes identifying and working with the relevant internal and external stakeholders.  Here we can gather requirements, develop an action plan and define responsibilities.

Prepare Your Cloud For Success

Now the strategy is understood and an action plan is in place, it is time to prepare the cloud environment. Here, we design and implement core network and user access controls, guardrails, management systems and processes.

Adopt and Innovate

Now that the cloud environment has the required core infrastructure and guardrails, we can migrate or implement new solutions to the platform safely. Drive business value by leveraging the benefits of the cloud knowing that best practices are in place.