Maintain, Monitor & Support

Managed Services

LA NET managed services allow customers to focus on their core business.  It provides peace of mind to know that there is a reliable and experienced partner managing the cloud infrastructure. Cloud platforms require skills and experience to manage and monitor properly.  The technology is updated almost on a weekly basis by Microsoft.
We often work with our customer IT teams to help them get up to speed and manage at least the day-to-day operations. However, sometimes customers find it challenging when staff leave and the knowledge leaves with them. This is where working with a trusted partner becomes really valuable. Our support team are all trained in real world scenarios that go well beyond any certification. 
LA NET support staff are not given access to any customer environments until our technical stage 1 internal training AND Azure Administrator certification is completed. 

Our team will ensure your environment is kept in top condition and manage support requests in a timely and efficient manner. We also deal with platform issues with Microsoft on our customers behalf saving them a lot of time and stress.

An Example of a Regular Managed Service Schedule

  • Regularly monitor the environment for security threats and vulnerabilities using Azure Defender for Cloud and Azure Monitor

  • Regularly review and update security policies and configurations to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape

  • Review and Audit: Regularly review and audit the environment to ensure security controls and configurations are in place and functioning as intended

  • Continuously monitor and improve the security of the environment, keeping up to date with the best practices, standards and regulations

  • Continuously monitor and implement necessary changes to the platform as new updates and features are released to ensure the most efficient and up-to-date, supported services are in use

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