We have recently started using the C-Facts cloud optimisation portal which was introduced to us by our partner Corent Technology. The portal has helped us understand our customer spend better and also helped us spot trends.

C-Facts is a tailor-made platform for service providers to operate cloud platforms on behalf of – and in collaboration with – their clients. It extends data, reporting and insights on cloud service consumption beyond the native tools offered by the major cloud providers. It is also ‘agnostic’ meaning service providers can support clients on multiple cloud platforms. For LA Net this means we have the most granular and detailed insight into the performance of cloud platforms used by our customers; how they consume cloud services, and where, when, why and how they are incurring cost.

We wanted to show how the platform can be used to help multi or single cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) service their customers.

Here is a look at a couple of the reports on trends by category….

Trend by Category

Trends by category filtered by project tag

Here is a simple report filtered on one project where we can see costs per category as well as predicted usage for the next three months. We can then feed this back to the customer and help track and adjust components as required.

The platform also allows us to place contracts, SLAs and invoices, reports and more into a customer dashboard for our customers.  We have not used this functionality as yet but have seen it and it looks promising.   We have also spoken to C-Facts support who have been very helpful and responsive in helping us set our portal.   There are some major features being released very soon and we are looking forward to using them and adding them here so please check back here soon…

To know more feel free to contact us (https://lanet.co.uk/) and here is a link to their own website


Thank you for reading!