There is so much discussion about the benefits of moving to the cloud for growing businesses, but very little insight about the real value for those organisations that are multi-national – or aiming to go into new markets.

How the cloud can help your organization go global

Now both small and large organisations are discovering the benefits and efficiencies of using the cloud, particularly taking advantage of scalable platforms such as Microsoft Azure, to expand rapidly and effectively.

Actionable insights

With the importance of data management to the fore and the need for real time actionable insights for many global companies, it is the elasticity of cloud-based infrastructure that makes the difference.

For not only is the cloud a more cost-effective route to expansion, it provides the flexibility and speed required for data and workflow processes in the modern business world.

For smaller companies, this means they are able to compete effectively with larger enterprises, enabling them to respond to international markets without necessarily spending huge amounts on marketing to capture interest.

Similarly, large enterprises need to be lean and agile to not get bogged down by old school technology infrastructure and be knocked aside by cloud-native businesses.

Key differentiator

Clearly a key differentiator for using the cloud is security and compliance, which is going to continue to be one of the biggest workplace issues through 2022.

Why not benefit from the millions and millions of dollars that companies such as Microsoft are spending on continually improving the security of Azure and related software platforms?

It makes no sense to invest your own hard-earned income on security solutions when they are doing it for you.

Using cloud-based infrastructure also gives you the ability to expand and contract with your business: if one market suddenly explodes, you can grow with it; if another drops off, you can manage that effectively without a big struggle or cost.

You can also avoid the potentially devastating impacts of data loss, which has been one of the biggest issues with traditional infrastructure solutions that can malfunction.

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